Quirky original handmade mosaics. Custom orders welcome.

I first tried mosaic making as a bit of a therapy after having to give up a very stressful job in nurse management. After attending a few tutorial sessions with Peterborough-based mosaic artist, Muni Arsalani, I was completely hooked and have since then developed my own quirky style which focuses on nature, trees and flowers especially, and I am particularly inspired by North American folk art.

My pieces are bright and colourful- to bring light and warmth- and I love to use very shiny or iridescent glass tiles, gem stones, beach pebbles, sea glass, broken china and anything that glitters.
The mosaic process involves hand cutting the tiles and gluing each piece onto my design. This is time consuming and involves a lot of staring from various angles and deciding on shapes and colours! Once the picture is finished, it needs a good day for the glue to dry. Then it is grouted.... my favourite colours are purple and terracotta...., then cleaned and polished. The backs are cleaned, painted with acrylic paint, and varnished.